Taken at the Batu Caves.
“It was the hottest day of my life!! After being ripped off by the Malaysian taxi drivers I thought the struggle was over then I realised we had to climb up a million stairs to get into the cave! A MILLION!!!! .. And because of some religious reason you had to cover any skin showing so they wrapped us up in thick scarves and sent us up! I was sweating for Africa!”

Photo Credit : Lola Ogunsanya

"I took this at Skybar, Kuala Lumpur. I didn’t realise how good the picture was until the next day. When I saw it I was like 😱" - Lola

**This week I’ll be featuring my friend Lola Ogunsanya who is on an exchange programme in Singapore. This is what The Photographer’s Corner is all about, where photographers can showcase their work for others to see and share their passion for photography. Feedback would be great too.
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"I think, therefore I am".

The first time I saw this statue, slavery came to mind. No, not that kind of slavery. The kind where we are slaves to our negative thoughts. Quite often I find myself putting limits over my head, giving reasons why I should not take certain risks or why I would not be the best choice for a certain job. And I’m sick of it. Aren’t you? Let us break away from these chains. Let us replace the negativity with positivity. Let us take big risks without thinking we would fail. Let us be free.

Barka Jummat. As today is Friday and Muslims would be going to the Mosque, I decided to post this picture.
This was a rare day when Muslims and Christians were headed to their place of worship at the same time.

"Give us back our money"

Lagos, a city full of stories. A city full of yellow vehicles we call danfos that unexpectedly break down by the side of the road causing customers to ask for their money back.

Humphrey Bogart and son Stephen Bogart at Columbia’s Sirocco, 1952.
Humphrey Bogart and son Stephen Bogart at Columbia’s Sirocco, 1952.

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Seconds before this picture was taken, the man doing the peace sign shouted at me for taking their picture without permission. Smiling, I turned around and took another picture of them. This time he posed with his two fingers in the air, making the other two laugh.
This is Lagos. A place full of mischief. A place where laughter can be brought to the hearts of strangers . A place called home.


Sunset. Mykonos

Disney; where problems are left at the door.

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Forty Shades of Gryffindor

Jack & Jill went up the hill….


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I am a jigsaw puzzle that is yet to be finished.
I am a child of God trying to learn His ways
I am working on becoming a better person.
I am incomplete.

I am a fragment of the woman I am meant to be.
I am distracted by the earthly things before me.
I am trying to understand the real reason I am here.
I am incomplete.

Life has taught me a handful of lessons;
patience is a virtue,
be grateful for what you have,
be content,
forgiveness is the key to freedom,
love yourself and others.

With each lesson, I feel one step closer to Her.
The woman I am meant to be.
The proximity between who I was then and who I am going to be closes in.
I can almost feel the softness of her skin.
I can almost trace the smile on her lips.
I am in transition.

I am a rock.
Painful experiences are my heat.
Difficult situations are my pressure.
Both have a hand in the re-shaping of my character.
But one day, I would need no more re-shaping,
I would finally be Her.
I would finally be complete.

Follow the Crowd
Follow the Lights
For a Coney Island night.