What is it about instrumentals that makes me so happy?! If you listen to Easy to Love by Bucie feat Heavy K, you might understand what I mean. If you don’t then that’ll be awkward for me. Lol. The intro is what puts me in the mood to listen to the whole song. It’s so beautiful! Make sure it’s the full version not the radio edit. Also its kind of a long intro so make sure you’re in bed chilling. :)









Both Cost 150,000 US Dollars.


Soo does a man come with the Nigerian house or nah?


Man usually comes with the house but there are some for the single lady’s.

Seriously our house in Lagos is about this big. America doesn’t know jack about “third world” countries.

errrr… yah. but then you wake up and you’re in Africa.. its not just about the square footage or amenities of a home but you must consider the neighborhood.. do i feel safe with who is living next door? is there clean, running water? is there wildlife to be concerned with? what are the roads like? and seriously most importantly DO I HAVE HIGH SPEED INTERNET. I AM NOT DOWNGRADING TO 56K. NEVER AGAIN

Okay, so I see I need to give a geography lesson, let’s see if I can say this humanly

1. The OP said Nigeria NOT “Africa”

2. “Consider the neighborhood”? What kind of IS is that?! People are PEOPLE wherever you go. You have your rich you have your poor. You have your smarts, and you have people like you that spout IS. 

3. Seriously, roads?



4. Wildlife? We have wildlife in the states; bears, deer, my mother saw a coyote outside her office window and she works 20 minutes away from downtown. What are you suggesting?

5. Lastly this is the stupidest thing. Internet. Is it not the Nigerians coning your gullible American asses out of your life savings. So much you it has cause alarm, and has government protocol so your stupid grandmother does send her savings thinking she can get rich quick. I think Nigeria has Internet and HIGH SPEED under control

I suggest you read, adsorb, learn and apply. Before spouting off about “Africa” again. =_=


PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually getting sick and tired of this whole “AFRICA” shit. You don’t hear people referring to China as Asia or London as Europe or USA as North America. :/

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Because I finally finished this short story I’d been working on, I suddenly feel compelled to begin writing another one. Just because this feeling of accomplishment is such a great feeling!


My 20th was one of the best days of my life so far. My friends surprised me at 12 with a cake that had 20 candles as well as sparkling juice and presents. My two amazing friends from secondary school (Fadekemi and Elo) surprised me with yummy cupcakes and a spa day were I had a massage and a pedicure. My special person surprised me at the Drake concert that I went for that night. And carried me so that Drake could see my sign and he did and gave me a shout out! His words were and I quote :”I see you baby, happy birthday!” It was the best birthday ever. Looking forward to many more!

My birthday presents from my amazing friends! The best birthday ever!!!!! I’m so blessed its so unreal. :):) Thank God for my amazing new and old friends. Awkss how I’d eaten the strawberries on the other half of my cake before taking this picture. :/ 

Double awkss how I’d eaten the first cupcake in the cupcake box. :/:/


I recently created a blog where I could practice my writing of short stories on and at first I wanted to remain anonymous because I was kind of shy and blah blah blah. Anyway you’d find the link below, it’s not compulsory that you read it (obviously!) but I’d love the feedback whether good or bad. As long as it’s constructive. So any time you’re free check it out. Thanks! :):)


"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled."- Plutarch

Faidah Lawal

 Playing with Fire

Faidah Lawal

My fried posed with the lighter as I took this picture which was better than when i tried to take the picture and use the lighter at the same time. Lol. I ended up burning my thumb. Happy with the outcome though!





7:15 Eumenidi

is this…. all the disney princesses in their dressing room getting ready in the morning to film their movies?? I want an au

this is sooooo cute!!!

lol look what belle’s reading

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Different photos of the sun setting this beautiful day.